Where can I use my Cinema Saver?
Click here for a full and up to date list of all participating cinemas.

How do I redeem my Cinema Saver?
Please present it at the box office or candy bar of a participating cinema and they'll exchange it for a ticket to a session of your choice (subject to seat availability).

Can I book a ticket online using my Cinema Saver?
Yes some cinemas are able to accept the Cinema Savers via their online booking systems however this is not the case everywhere. Please check with the cinema directly to see if they have this functionality. If so, you'll just need to enter your unique voucher number in the appropriate field on their website booking engine.

How long do I have to use my Cinema Saver?
Cinema Savers are typically valid for 12 months from date of purchase and this date will be clearly printed on the rear of the voucher. On occasion however there may be special deals with shorter expiry dates. This will have been made clear at the time of purchase and will still be clearly printed on the reverse of the ticket. Once a voucher has expired, it cannot be replaced, nor can a cinema exchange it for a ticket.

Can I use a Cinema Saver for a cinema's premium seating options or for 3D films etc?
Yes you can, however the cinema can charge you an additional premium to do so. This should be the difference between the advertised value of their standard adult ticket and the value of the seat that you are purchasing.

How much does a Cinema Saver cost to purchase?
This depends on the number of tickets you buy at one time. Significant discounts are available for buying in larger volumes. Please click here if you'd like to purchase now or click here to get in touch to discuss larger volumes for you or your business.


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